26 April 2011

When the Snow Finally Melts

We don't waste time! It doesn't even have to be completely melted. It doesn't have to be particularly warm, either. On this "spring" day, I think the temperature topped out at fifty...

They have been waiting half the winter to go outside and play ball with Mr. Dad. The yard was barely dry enough to call it anything but a swamp, but they talked their father into going to the dollar store for a bat and a good supply of balls. The Curly-headed girl promptly whacked two of them so hard they split in half. So much for the good supply...

For the record, this would be a great time to have the kids make cave art. They are already equipped with an ample supply of mud, sticks and a sidewalk. It'll rain sooner or later and wash it right off. Let them create away. The girls love this activity, and when it is warmer with plenty of sunshine mud can be hard to find. Sometimes you just have to make hay art while the sun shines is no where to be found.

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