17 May 2011

Picture Study - Enthroned Madonna, four angels and St. Francis, detail

Cimabue 020
Enthroned Madonna, four angels and St. Francis, detail
We will be studying Cimabue next year and I am looking for pictures that show his highly stylized and relatively flat figures (compared to the Renaissance artists at least). Another good picture to study by Cimabue is Madonna Enthroned with Saints and Angels. Cimabue is considered to be primarily a Byzantine artist. (Edited 5/21 because I keep mixing him up with Giotto). His supposed pupil, Giotto, was highly innovative and broke from Byzantine tradition drastically. If you compare their Madonnas, it will be quite evident.

For some reason, this photo fascinates me. It is in much higher resolution at Wikimedia Commons - a good place to look for public domain pictures of art. I even found an engraving of the artist.

001 le vite, cimabue

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