31 May 2011

Picture Study - Lamentation of Christ

Here's Giotto di Bendone. He looks a little sour.

Uffizi Giotto

Coffee had not been introduced to Italy when he was working. Perhaps we should not judge him. The statue was carved in 1845, while Giotto died in 1337. This article is quite informative.

 At any rate, he was purportedly quite mischievous. According to one story, he painted a fly on one of his mentor's works of art. This caused poor Cimabue no end of grief as he tried to shoo the fly away several times before he realized it was painted and not real. Giotto is credited with being a major transitional artist from Byzantine style art to the more realistic styles of the Renaissance.

This book is by one of my favorite authors, Madeleine L'Engle. She took Giotto's artwork in the Scrovegni Chapel and put text to it. Wonderful! We will be making art on dark blue paper with gold foil and gold paint to imitate the style of these paintings.

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