01 June 2011

Every Choice for One Thing is a Choice Against Something Else

There are lots of things to ponder when raising a child. Here is some more food for thought. The first one didn't eat McDonald's until the second one came along. She didn't watch a lot of telly either. I wish I'd done a few things differently when the Curly-headed girl was a wee sma' bairn.Thankfully, it's ne'er too late to start. I think I've been reading way to much Burns lately.

"Consider what a child misses during the 15, 000 hours (from birth to age seventeen) he spends in front of the TV screen. He is not working in the garage with his father, or in the garden with his mother. He is not doing homework, or reading, or collecting stamps. He is not cleaning his room, washing the supper dishes, or cutting the lawn. He is not listening to a discussion about community politics among his parents and their friends. He is not playing baseball or going fishing, or painting pictures. Exactly what does television offer that is so valuable it can replace these activities that transform an impulsive, self-absorbed child into a critically thinking adult?"
~ Paul Copperman

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