15 June 2011

Blue Kangaroo Number 2

One chilly damp day about four years ago, we were out shopping in with Grandma, and the Curly-headed girl suddenly (it always happens that way) found herself in desperate need of a bathroom. We ducked into the Blue Kangaroo. It must have left quite the impression, because she's been talking about it ever since. I think she found her life's aspiration that day. She wants to own a bookstore of her very own.

So...I just about knocked five people down in my rush to get to this: 

It was perfect for her. She's not even griping about the math! Now she owns her own bookstore and takes orders from anyone who will play. She set it up in the living room and had her grand opening yesterday.

Mr. Eschateau and his daughter, Isabella both bought books. By the time we tallied up all the purchases from our customers, the inventory was insufficient. We had to order more.


  1. I can't wait to try this! We have the pet shop for one and the book store for the other. Can you guess which is which?

  2. I am willing to go on record with the guess that Rachel has the pet store and Micah has the book store. =)

  3. You would be correct.



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