18 June 2011

A Slower Pace

The Curly-headed girl and I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood in search of interesting photo opportunities. We wanted to enter the library's photo contest and needed some inspiration. These are the new things we found on our usual route to elsewhere.

Sadly enough, the usual route to elsewhere involves a certain amount of hurry; some days more than others. Last year we were studying Lewis and Clark. We wanted to understand their journey a bit better, so we decided to take a new route to McDonald's...on foot. As we walked we were amazed at the number of items we discovered on a part of the route we drove daily. A slower pace lets us see more, and take the time to soak it all in. The trip to McDonald's with full backpacks was enlightening, by the way. They decided to cross 19th Century Exploration off of the "Possible Career Choice" list.

Since that day, we have attempted to get out and walk around more often. It's fun to do it with a camera in tow. Once we did an ABC walk, looking for letters of the alphabet. I would like to do color walks as well. Today spring was the theme (and yes, I know summer is merely days away). It still amazes me that we have lilacs blooming in June. It seems that all of our flowers bloom at once up here. Winter is long and spring is sometimes late in arriving, but when it does arrive it's glorious! Our yard is awash in color. 

The best way to end our journey: home sweet home.

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