15 July 2011

Another Page in the Bird Journal

We do love our birds in this family. The Straight-haired girl was very enthusiastic when we suggested stopping to visit Heron County Park north of Danville, IL. It is right off of Route 1, on West Newell Road (just north of Walmart). As soon as we parked the car, they were off to the tower. It's a bit steep and warrants parental supervision since it's a glorified ladder to the top floor. The Curly-headed girl was quick to point out the inherent dangers.

There is a floating boardwalk (second longest in Illinois) that surrounds the tower and leads out into the wetlands. We were lucky enough to see a nesting pair of swans. The male was a bit camera shy. He took off for cover as soon as we got close enough for a shot.

On the return leg of our walk, we spotted this Canada goose. They are pretty common in our part of the world during the summer months. There were also eagles' nests, although we did not see any birds. If you happen to be in the Danville area, this is a spot I highly recommend.

As we loaded up the car, the Curly-headed girl looked up. She drew our attention to the namesake of the park; a great blue heron. Our visit was complete.

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