22 July 2011

Grandma's Playground

 There's a new reason to love Grandma and Grandpa's house now. The Terre Haute Children's Museum opened up its new location this year. Other than the fact that they got rid of the miniature metal shopping carts and the semi-realistic cash register, it was a complete hit.

In more ways than one, apparently.

We were glad to see that they brought the bubble maker along. 

And the Bernoulli machine. There is an incredible paper airplane launcher as well.

The water table was good for tons of fun. Even I had to wear an apron. It is no good to get wet when you play with water according to the Curly-headed girl.

The Terre Haute Children's Museum is a nice cheery place to play for the morning. Lots of learning with lots of fun. We give it four thumbs up.

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