01 August 2011

Yogurt Fruit Smoothies

It's hot.  It's too hot to cook anything on top of the stove, let alone in the oven, but you are sick of cold cereal for the forty-eleventh time. Well, whip out the blender! Now breakfast can be fun again. Here's the recipe:

Photo credit: alvimann from morguefile.com

Yogurt Fruit Smoothies
For those of you who love to measure precisely I offer this caveat - run. Run very far away, very quickly.
1 frozen banana broken in two parts for easier blending
2 handfuls of whatever fruit happens to be in season or is in dire need of being eaten before it's too late
several globs of yogurt - any flavor

If the yogurt is plain, add a spoonful of honey or orange juice concentrate to sweeten it up a bit. Otherwise, skip the sweetener. Dump all of this in the blender and add a glug of milk or a few ice cubes depending on the consistency you like. We prefer to drink our smoothies, so we add milk. If it's terribly hot, we use ice. Blend it to smithereens. Pour in glasses and inhale. (Do make sure it goes down the right pipe!)

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