12 September 2011

What To Do With Mushy Bananas

My husband thinks I have a problem. Well, he probably thinks I have more than one, but let's not go there... In his opinion, bananas with little brown specks are perfectly edible.

"Not so," say I.

This one is clearly past its prime.

If they aren't yellow with little hints of green, they're just too ripe to eat fresh. But every once in a while, our grocery store sells bags of bananas for $1.69 each. Each bag, not each banana. So in an effort to feed my family for le$$, I buy a bag. Or two. Or three.

What to do with all those bananas? Peel them, smash them, measure out the amount you need for your favorite recipes and freeze them in ziploc bags. They'll look kind of disgusting, but who's gonna care when they're baked up in banana bread, or muffins, or blended into smoothies?

1 comment:

  1. This made me chuckle. I'm with you, I can't eat a banana unless it has a bit of green. I'm suddenly craving a smoothie. ;)



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