09 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Hey cousins: Watch your mailboxes. We sent something to you for Easter, but it won't get there until next week. Oh well, better late than never. It's gonna be fun!

The straight haired girl is spending the night with friends in foreign lands. She is so excited to play American Girls. She saved up her birthday money and money that she earned from doing extra work around the house to buy Gwen. Oh boy, can that girl work when she is motivated! So, curly girl is moping around the house. I told her that she can go out to the college with me tomorrow to work in the art room. I absolutely love, love, love this art class I'm taking. (More later.) That made curly girl VERY happy. She loves to play in the dirt and clay is even better. "You get it all over your hands, but your feet stay clean." She is wearing her mud boots tomorrow just to make sure her feet stay clean in that art room.

I'm off to finish some Easter dresses...

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