21 January 2010

Information Overload!

I think my brain's about to explode. I've been doing research about a homeschooling method that integrates Classical Education with Unschooling. I know, it sounds bizarre and more than a little impossible, but I think I've finally found it. I'm developing a great interest in this.

I have always thought that school should be more than what it is at this point in history (in general, there are exceptions). Public school as we know it today was developed as a method of training a compliant workforce. That's not so appealing to me. I'm a product of the public school, though. I'm also trained as a teacher for said public schools, and as such, it's taking me a long time to shed the box and figure out what I want as an alternative. I think this may be it.

Something's gotta give. I don't want anyone to have to pick up the pieces!

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