12 May 2010


It all started because I needed a place to put those tiny baby things I could not bear to part with.

Then, they outgrew the dance shoes...

Next, the Baer and the blankie. Both of which have been duplicated at her request, by the way.

Somehow, along the way, it has morphed into this. Many wonderful things are in those boxes. (The straight-haired girl loves even the smell of hers. Every so often, she feels the need to drag it out and take her time going through it. She can't believe her wrist was ever that tiny!)

And when they feel the need to save something they've outgrown, they have a place to keep it. The childhood is for them, not for me. O.k. Well, maybe I can still put things in there, too.

Maybe I should rent a couple of storage bins...

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